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Artists in Residence

Artists in Residence (AIR) is a program where artists, both emerging and established, temporarily use a room at Ace Hotel as their studio space. Typical residencies are brief, ranging from one night to one week.

More program information by property:

Gallery Programs

Some Ace Hotel properties feature a physical gallery spaces which host an ongoing series of exhibitions. Gallery programs are designed in-house, and typically result from collaboration with another party - be it a gallery, individual artist, or cultural group. Exhibitions topics range from the display of historical artifacts to contemporary work, and typically remain on view for 1-2 months.

More program information by property:

Public Art & Architecture

Many Ace Hotel spaces --such as lobbies-- are publicly accessibly throughout the year and feature permanent installations, temporary loans, and pop-up displays. Ace Hotel encourages the public to stop by and make these spaces part of smaller city-wide public art tours.