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Participants of a Codeathon: Coding for Women's Health

Codeathon is a health-focused version of a hackathon, at which designers and coders are challenged to build a completely original and functional application prototype, based on one of the social determinants of health, as defined by The Clinton Health Matters Initiative. The prototype may be web, mobile, or desktop-based, and can be developed via data sets, APIs, conceptually or through ideas of the developers' own device. Projects are judged by a panel of industry leaders identified by the series' founding partners. Typically, Codeathons run for 3 days, starting on a Friday afternoon.

Codeathon was formed by Ace Hotel, working with The Clinton Foundation and Tumblr in 2013. Originally, two separate projects were being brainstormed - with Tumblr on game-based events, and with The Clinton Foundation on health-focused programming. The concepts were combined to "gamify" health, at which point Jawbone joined as a the series' Heath Technology Partner.

Codeathon Elements

Water, fruit, granola, yogurt, and salads are foods typically found at Codeathon
  • Healthy food options, such as salads, fruit, nuts, water, etc - all which meet The Clinton Foundation Health Matters Initiative guidelines
  • Reasonable hours: Typically 2 half-days and one full work day
  • Optional stretching and yoga sessions from health and wellness experts
  • Team-based collaboration; many teams formed on-site
  • Mentorship from industry leaders
  • Access to technology and tool kits (APIs)
  • Prizes for winning teams.
  • Rubric-based judging of live presentations



Promotional flyer for the first Codeathon, Sept 2013


Past Codeathons

Current Codeathon

Past Winners

  • FitCoin (New York)
  • Moro (New York)
  • Automatic (Palm Springs)
  • Feasted (New York)
  • Safe Me (Boston)



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