Public Art at Ace Hotel New York

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The display of public art is one of Ace Hotel New York's longest running Art Programs. Since the hotel's inception, public spaces have showcased both permeant and temporary works. Free and open to the public throughout the year, Ace Hotel's public spaces welcome small, self-guided tours and viewings. Flash photography is discouraged.

Permanent Installations

Harry Smith's Untitled Rope Piece
Harry Smith
Untitled String Piece
from Stringing Along: Harry Smith Figures
Lobby, by Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Recreated with assistant from The Getty Foundation

Michael Anderson's "Graffiti Sticker Wall"
Michael Anderson
Graffiti Sticker Wall: Stickers Collected 1994-2004, 2009
Lobby stairs
Represented by Claire Oliver

Temporary Works

Rostarr installing a mural on 29th St
Rostarr (Romon Yang)
Untitled Mural, 2014
Scaffolding on 29th St and Broadway

Shantell Martin drawing the backdrop for her Big Egg
Shantell Martin
Untitled Big Egg, 2014
Created for The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt 2014