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Ace Hotel supplies artists with basic tooklits
At Ace, we agree with Richard Avedon when he says, "Anything is an art if you do it at the level of an art." Sculpture, mineral, sound, a well wrought ink line on a page. Some people wink and call it art. We know that good thinking and good making take space, and also time — two things we don't have much of in New York City — and it is in this spirit that Ace Hotel New York first dreamt up its Artists in Residence series, a night for artists to give their ideas some space to expand and fester and bloom.
Partnering with institutions such as The Museum of Art & Design, Tomorrow Lab, Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, Printed Matter and Flux Factory — we've kept our rooms in the art game ever since. We invite artists of all disciplines to stay every Sunday night and create and on Monday morning, we see what they've made.
Ace Hotel retains all physical works created on property and enters them into it's permanent collection. As a general rule of thumb, Ace Hotel agrees to never sell works without prior agreement with the artist. Ace Hotel retains the right to reproduce works for purposes such as sharing on social media and exhibiting in Ace Hotel galleries.




Participating Artists by Order of Stay



Supporting Partners

Ace Hotel partners with local organizations to provide complimentary food & beverages to participating artists.